YELLERKIN, The Sound Of Confusion (2014)

Yellerkin is a fresh new band from New York that consists of two guys named Adrian and Luca. This is their first official EP which was shown to me by my good friend Conor who really loves that indie soft sound that reminds him of the summer days of adventure and exploring, which Yellerkin really does bring this vibe to where you feel like you’re in a car just driving down a long road where you feel lost but yet found.

The four tracks on the EP are:

  • Solar Laws
  • Leave Me Be
  • Tomboy
  • Vines

(click on the link below to listen to the EP via Spotify)

Yellerkin – Yellerkin

A note from the band (via facebook):

“Adrian and Luca grew up together in a small town in the woods, yelling. Yellerkin tells the story of the different yells that we use to express both our suffering and our elation. We yell for tears and we yell for blood. We yell for love and we yell when it fades. The dynamics from whispers to screams to spoken words make manifest the different people we become at different stages in our lives, from day to day, from moment to moment. Together, those voices are able to tell a story. This collection of four songs bridges the history of two yelling individuals across 20 years, it encompasses 4 years of writing, 8 years of playing and falling in love 3 times. In their deep specificity, these songs attempt to touch the universal. This is Yellerkin.”

I am extremely impressed and excited to hear the rest of the album and see how successful they will become because they have so much potential and they’re a new sound that I have been waiting for.

Give them a listen and let me know what you think!


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