Air Review

AIR REVIEW, Low Wishes (2013)

 “Low Wishes is a nostalgic look at growing into adulthood and an affirmation of the belief that there is something more to life. Without hesitation, Air Review is clearly poised to stand out in a big way in 2013, simply by staying the course it has already set. ” 

Air Review is a band from Dallas Texas that was formed in 2008 by 5 guy friends. It took them awhile to release a full length album, but the wait was worth it. Previously before Low Wishes was released Air Review was supporting some high class bands like Flaming Lips and Portugal. Shows preformed by Air Review were high and great! They came out with the song American Son that got a lot of hype all over. The band is much like a soft rock, alternative, indie band that reminds me of Radical Face. Throughout the whole entire album, Air Review keeps a steady balance between mellow calm graceful tune to a built up drums and guitar collision that makes you want to move your body and let go. Air Review is a sick sound that I know will get more praise once more folks get a listen to their songs.

The tracks on the album are:

  • Rebel
  • Young
  • American Son
  • H
  • Waiting Lessons
  • Low Wishes
  • My Automatic
  • Fin
  • Animal

(Click below for the spotify link to the album!)

Air Review -Low Wishes

Hopefully I can get an interview from the band so I can get to to the details about the album and the band as well. I highly recommend this band. It’s brilliant and can make a frown turn upside down.

Tell me what you think of their music!!


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