Coldplay, Midnight



Coldplay has always been brilliant, ever since their first record Parachutes to their latest album mylo xyloto. Coldplay has been in the quiet ever since after their last smashing tour in Europe which they made a live concert movie, Coldplay 2012. Coldplay has announced that they would not be touring for at least three years since the last tour to take a break and start creating new music, which from time to time, they have released two songs since the last album. First they released their song Atlas for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie which came out in November of 2013. Atlas reminded me so much of their old sound plus a hint of something new. Coldplay in their old sounds early 2000’s late 1990’s, has much more of a rock and intense instrumental sound to it, and lately they have been doing more electronic alternative track based sounds, which don’t get me wrong! they are great… but Atlas reminded me of a smooth mellow of their hit Yellow. Couple months later, February 2014, Coldplay releases their newest single, Midnight which they even have a music video for which the link is down below:


First, I was a little skeptical of the new song because to be completely honest, I was like, WHO IS THIS? This is not Coldplay’s vibe or sound! The more I listened, you could pick up Chris Martin’s voice hidden under the auto-tune, and the more I compared Atlas to Midnight. They are so similar if you think about it. The same mellow tone with a dark lively feeling. Midnight was something new from Coldplay, it’s like a mixture of Parachutes and Death and All His Friends album combined. It intrigues me to see what the new album will turn out to be. The music video for this song though is radical. It’s so modern yet progressive with the silhouettes of the band in a forest with random trees and animals with the negative contrast and movements within the video. It’s so fascinating to see how Coldplay evolves and still rocks it. I have always loved Coldplay, although this song was no Clocks or Lovers in Japan favorite to me, I was impressed and excited to see what else the band has to bring with the upcoming future.


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