Shakira Comeback?

Hips Don’t Lie will always be one of my favorite songs. Shakira has been on the down low for quite awhile, you hear her joining in some songs with other big artists, but recently after a long time, she’s been making new music and she joined with rhianna to make Can’t Remember to Forget You which has been a hit for 2014, but she just released her new song Empire which reminds me of Regina Spektor meets South America. She starts the song very slow with a piano, her voice is soft and then gradually builds up into a jam session where it’s pretty awesome and hardcore, then she goes from upbeat back to slow down but then it has a little bit of a more picker upper beat and you can tell she’s building up for another jam session. Overall the song will be on the radio and another hit. I personally really enjoy the song and hopefully you do as well.


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