Twenty One Pilots vs Vessel

Now, I love Twenty One Pilots a lot. They are currently my favorite band, which it has been extremely hard not to blog all day about them, but since I have been thinking of doing comparing and contrasting of a bands work I thought I’d do my first post on that on a band I am very very very passionate about. SO why not, shall we?

Twenty One Pilots have 3 albums, the self titled, regional at best, and vessel, but since regional at best has some songs from vessel I will just take their first album to their latest.

Let’s start with the brilliant Twenty One Pilots (2009)


First off, brilliant, so much instrumental. Mainly piano from our lovely Tyler Joseph who is also the vocals. Comparing this album to Vessel this album has so much more piano. The album starts off with Implicit Demand For Proof, which introduces the album in a piano solo for quite awhile and then the chords of the piano intensify which throughout the song towards the middle end where it’s intense with tyler, not like rapping, actually singing the piano builds up and then ends the song gentle just like in the beginning of the song. Throughout the album you hear some tracks, but it’s more like percussion tracks where there are little simple sounds like clapping almost. You hear more drums towards the middle of the album. Tyler’s tone in his songs still have that rhythmic rap but more soft and less of and more singing than in Vessel. It seems that they were more indie rock than an electric alternative indie rock that they are now. I really love this album because of how much more laid back this album is. It reminds me of Coldplay so much because Coldplay’s earlier albums were more rock than electronic based tracks. It gave them more of a deeper connection to the listeners where if you really want to get deep down in personal you’d listen to twenty one pilots (2009) rather than vessel. Some songs that I really enjoy in this album are Oh Ms Believer, which is where i got my username for my blogs actually, and Air Catcher. Twenty One Pilots (2009) is much more rock and instrumental which is killer.

Now to their latest album, Vessel.


I am a huge fan of this album, it is the first work I heard of theirs and without this album I would have probably not fallen in love with Twenty One Pilots as soon as I did. Now, the album is generally more pumped up and track based and you hear more beats and drums and of course piano, but more of a keyboard and Tyler’s ukelele. The album starts with Ode to Sleep (greatness!) and it is so different from the 2009 album. It is a full on upbeat song and Tyler starts to get into his rhythmic talent so much deeper. I love it when he raps. It’s so much more common in Vessel than Twenty One Pilots 2009, which brings a whole new electronic vibe which you dont get much off in 2009. The whole album has diversity in it. Tyler sings too, like in House of Gold which is kind of the oddball since it’s more ukelele and slower. Songs like Migrane, Holding onto you, Guns for Hands, Fake You Out, and Car Radio are the most fast upbeat rhythmic songs on Vessel. Songs like Truce, Trees, and Screen are the most like Twenty One Pilots 2009 because of the slower more instrumental intimate feel.

In short words, Vessel is more of the album you would listen to at a party and for that edgy up beat rhythmic jam and you would listen to Twenty One Pilots 2009 for a more intimate and slower vibe feel. Both albums ridiculously fantastic and diverse. Just makes me wanna know what the next album will be like.


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