Magic Man // You Are Here


Magic Man is a band from Boston, MA that consists of 5 people, Alex, Daniel, Joey, Justine, and Sam. Magic Man released their EP You Are Here in early 2014 and they will be releasing a full length album shortly. (No official date has been announced)

You Are Here consists of 5 phenomenal songs that includes their most popular single, “Paris” which has been playing on the radio more and more over the past month. The track list for You Are Here EP is:

  1. Texas
  2. Paris
  3. Every Day
  4. Nova Scotia
  5. Waves

*(click on the link to listen to the EP via Spotify)

Magic Man – You Are Here

The album is generally a pop/indie/electronic vibe which is great if you’re looking for that beat that makes you want to dance.

Magic Man generally reminds me of Foster The People meets Passion Pit meets Hellogoodbye. They have that electronic beat as those bands and the singer’s voice meets a mixture of Hellogoodbye and Foster The People.

If you like those bands, you will for sure dig this EP.

Magic Man will be touring with Walk The Moon and Pan!c At The Disco this Summer so be sure to buy some tickets because from people’s reviews on seeing Magic Man live in concert it was energetic and amazing.


So if you haven’t checked out the band, you should be looking them up right now. I know they will be on the radio and rockin’ those top 10 charts in no time. This band is insane and brings a cool jam into the music world. Personal favorite right here.


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