Hozier // Take Me To Church

“Take Me To Church” by Hozier, is a song with much meaning. First off, I first heard this song in the beginning of 2014, one of the best work I have ever heard in matter of fact, and when I first played this song, I thought this song was meant for worship. Silly me, as I was pondering around the internet in search of lyrics, I soon find that the lyrics conclude to something much less religious, to something more of a spiritual inner self conflict in todays society. After viewing the recent uprising music video made for “Take Me To Church”, many realized that the music video was aimed toward the conflict in Russia about Gay Rights Movement. Hozier supports the Gay Rights movement clearly in the music video and in his lyrics. The lyrics are found at the link below.


Although the song brings a powerful message to the listener, his songs bring a powerful yet smooth vibe to your ears. He is currently working on finishing his new album, but you can hear his EPs on the links below that will lead you to spotify.

Hozier – Take Me to Church EP

Hozier – From Eden EP


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