Vance Joy // God Loves You When You’re Dancing EP

Vance Joy has been hitting the charts recently with his brilliant single “Riptide”, as a former fan who has recently seen him live when he toured with Young The Giant during their early spring, Mind Over Matter Tour, which was for Young The Giants new album that dropped in March. Vance Joy is from Australia, he plays generally folk/indie alternative rock. Vance Joy has been getting the attention he deserves after putting out such a passionate and strong EP that came out in 2013. There is no official news about when Vance Joy will release a full length album, but he has been performing some new songs that are currently not on the EP and only found on live camera footage videos on youtube. (If you wanna know the links to the album, comment or get ahold of me and I will share them with you!) Vance Joy’s EP consists of:

  1. Emmylou
  2. Riptide
  3. Play With Fire
  4. Snaggletooth
  5. From Afar

If you wanna check out the album, which I would say is so far my favorite EP I heard this year so far, here’s the spotify link!

Vance Joy – God Loves You When You’re Dancing

Vance Joy pulls off an amazing live performance! Be sure to see them when he comes close to you. He’s starting to hit the radios, and I have been trying to keep Vance Joy on the down low because of how much I admire his talent. I apologize that I did not introduce Vance to you earlier! Better late than never!


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