Bea Miller // Young Blood EP

I came across Bea Miller today while in search of new music, and I will be honest, when she popped up on my newsfeed for an advertisement for her new EP Young Blood, I was a little unsure, I thought it was going to be some cliche pop trying to break through artist, which I was remarkably shocked and surprised when I took a listen into her new EP and it sounds stellar! Bea Miller reminds me of a Skylar Grey meets  the younger Rihanna. All four of her songs are upbeat and catchy, which hooked me on fast. Bea Miller won 9th place on the X-Factor in 2013, and she’s only 15 years old! I hope to see her songs on the radio and become extremely successful because her songs and voice sound extremely upbeat and solid on her EP. She previously sang collaborations with Boyce Avenue previously which covers are on youtube.

   The EP track listing is:

1. Young Blood

2. Enemy Fire

3. Fire N Gold

4. Dracula

You can check out the album on the link below via Spotify!

Bea Miller – Young Blood


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