Soko // We Might Be Dead Tomorrow & First Kiss

(Soko’s music video)

(First Kiss video, feat. Soko’s song)

Soko’s soft and elegant song, “We Might Be Dead Tomorrow” was featured in the viral youtube video “First Kiss” which consists of pairs of strangers video taped kissing for the very first time. It’s such a inspirational and beautiful video, very diverse with the selection of couples. Ranges from an older couple, to gay couples (both men and women). Soko’s song was passionate and smoothly flowed to intensify the beauty in the video. Also!, in Soko’s own music video, Soko is actually in the music video and she is actually a lesbian. She and Meghan Edwards (the other girl in the video) were not pretending to be lovers. You see a lot of boobs, kissing, and love. It was a cute little film portraying love between females, the happy moments shared between to the two. It makes me smile, and it will make you smile too.

Check out Soko’s other work on the spotifty link below!

– Soko – I Thought I Was An Alien

– Unknown Album


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