The Cab // Lock Me Up EP

After a dreadful long three year wait, The Cab has finally returned, better than ever. As a month full of teasers and hints from The Cab’s lead singer Alexander Deleon over Twitter and Instagram, The Cab just released their brand new EP, “Lock Me Up” which came out 4/29/2014. With Changes within The Cab, Former Band Member Alex Marshall has decided to part ways with bittersweet goodbyes just recently this past week. You can read this farewell right here.  I have waited so long for The Cab to release a new album, which I must admit, I was a little sad it wasn’t a release of a new full length album, but the new Lock Me Down EP has certainly made the wait worth the wait. The EP consists 5 songs, the track listing is:

1. Lock Me Up

2. Moon

3. Numbers

4. Stand Up

5. These Are The Lies

The introduction of the first song, Lock Me Up starts in an intense piano and drum instrumental which starts the first verse that builds up into an extremely catchy chorus which the whole song is a dramatic and bold piece throughout. Personally, I think it was a great way to start the EP with a hint of the new sound The Cab is transitioning into.

The second song on the EP, Moon, is more techno beat compared to the rest of the EP with the beginning, but once the chorus kicks in, it’s a sweet, also catchy, verse of the words, “I’ll take your body to the moon” and the OOO feel dragging at the end of the word moon, which lets be real, everyone loves that. This song reminds me of Maroon 5’s song, Love Somebody, but it’s original and a solid song.

The third track, Numbers, which before I say anything, it is one of my favorite songs ever of The Cab. This song is more intimate compared to the other songs, it’s more of a love song, implying that out of all the people in the world, there is only one person that is important and there are no words to express how happy and admired that person is to him. It’s slower, but not slow like The Cab’s older song, Vegas Skies, it is more beat mixed with instrumentals. Sounds like something Justin Timberlake would sing, but it’s extremely powerful and a great balance for the middle of an EP.

Stand Up, is personally my favorite song of ‘Lock Me Up’ EP, because it sounds so much like the older Cab sound, but yet is has so many new twists in it. It is generally more faster paced throughout the whole song, but you can hear Alex Deleon begin to get into a much faster rhythm, kind of a little rap, something like twenty one pilots sound with the faster singing/rap, but it’s not initially rap, but it gets you in the move to dance and want to sing fast along. It’s a great song to give the feels for The Cab original fans when Whisper War came out, but also a sense of a new direction and sound that The Cab is moving into.

These Are The Lies, the last song. It’s also a slower song, more similar to Numbers compared to the rest of the songs on the EP, but it’s much faster paced, another Justin Timberlake feel. Up until the 2 minute mark, the song generally feels like it’s repeating the same thing over again, but once the 2 minute mark hits, you get hit with a new beat that wakes you up and intensifies the song greatly, making it, in my opinion, much better and one of the best tracks on the EP as well.

I am pretty happy with The Cabs new tracks and new sounds, they seem to transforming into a different sound, which hey, sometimes change is good, they are keeping their roots, but adding new sounds and beats. This EP makes me excited about the album which, hopefully, The Cab will release news about soon. Take a listen to the new EP! I am so pleased and impressed with the new tracks.

Listen to the EP via Spotify:

The Cab – Lock Me Up

Also! Support The Cab by buying the album for $7 on Itunes today! It’s totally worth it. I promise you that some of the songs on the EP will hit the radio and become on the top charts in no time!


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