Colony House… a recent discovery that has taken over my playlists. Their music is so simple, and graceful, yet is makes you want to dance and sing along, and honestly, there is not a song not on their new album, “When I Was Younger” that doesn’t fit any mood. Happy to sad, you are always able to find a song that can speak to you.

Colony House has a popular hit called, Silhouettes, which is probably the best song to represent the band. They’re down to earth, yet full of surprises and bang.

If you check out their live studio performances on youtube, they sound super sick live and you can check out their tour dates which fyi- all their concerts are for 21+, but from the handy dandy greatness of twitter, they tweeted to me saying if you and 5+ friends want to see them, you can email them and they’ll play by their van for you free of charge after the show. ISNT THAT AMAZING?

I really hope best for this band, I haven’t been so in love with a band in a long time, probably since twenty one pilots, but these guys are gonna be big. I can already see it.

Check out their new album now on spotify!

Colony House – When I Was Younger


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