Finish Ticket

Not many people heard of Finish Ticket prior to their opening act in Twenty One Pilot’s fall tour, Blurryface. Due to Twenty One Pilot’s I must say that more people are becoming a fan of Finish Ticket and the amount of listens that they’ve been getting on their spotify and youtube have increased significantly. They bring a real kick in the alternative rock genre and I really admire their sound. I would compare them to Two Door Cinema Club and Walk the Moon.

They bring great energy to their performance at shows. I must add, considering I never saw them prior to the two nights of Blurryface show’s I went to, they were one of the best bands I’ve seen live. I wish they got more time to play more of their songs off their new and old EP. With Echosmith playing right after them, it just was not a strong mix. Here you have Finish Ticket making you want to dance and sing your heart out and then you have Echosmith which was more relax and even if they have some good songs and they sound good live- their performance was dry and it brought the rush of excitement for the rest of the bands down.

I definitely see this band making it far. I actually just bought tickets to see them co headline with Vinyl Theatre, who also opened for Twenty One Pilots back in the Quiet is Violent tour. Those two bands are a perfect duo to match up for a tour. Super stoked and I’m so happy it’s a smaller show because that means the crowd (at least i’m praying) will be more into the music and less rude.

Now that I’ve talked about my experience with Finish Ticket, let’s talk about their music. I highly recommend that you listen to them if you never have or listen to them more if you only heard a few songs or their performance. These guys are creative and you’ll find yourself on the edge of dancing in public.

They first came out with their full length album, “Tears You Apart”, which the popular tracks are “Catch You On Your Way Out”, “Numb”, “Bring The Rain”, and “Tranquilize”. It came out in 2o14 and even with their new EP, “When Night Becomes Day“, you notice that their sound stays the same and that’s something I really enjoy because sometimes bands lose their originality to become successful. Not saying that every band who has switched up their sound since the beginning isn’t successful but I think Finish Ticket is a good Indie Rock band that needs more airplay.


Check them their music out now on spotify and buy it on Itunes to support them!


Also buy tickets to their co-headlining tour with Vinyl Theatre. It’s gonna be stellar. Already got my tickets.



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