Summer Singles

It’s that time of the year when school is out for the summer and you either have no plans or you’re working to make some money. Whatever your case may be, you are scrambling through your playlists and thinking to yourself, “Why is there nothing to listen to?”

Sick of the same old songs that you’ve been listening to for the past couple of months? Well, you’re in luck. This post will give a list of songs that you should check out to brighten up your summer whether its for your drive to work or tired of the silence in your room.

1. Talk Too Much by Coin


Coin is one of my favorite new alternative/indie bands. This is their newest song that they’ve recently released in preparation for their new upcoming album. No dates or big information about the album yet, but they’re definitely worth the listen to and if you end up really liking them I highly recommend their first album, “Coin”. You can find the link the album right here via Spotify

2. Say It by Flume ft. Tove Lo

Flume just released his new album “Skin” and there are so many gems on this record. This song is particularly one of my favorites and it just has that typical Tove Lo vibe that no matter what you can’t stop listening to it on repeat. If you want to listen to the rest of the album here is the link.

3. Guillotine by Jon Bellion

Ugh. Literally, this song is pure gold. It’s been out for a few weeks and I can’t get over how Jon Bellion continues to impress me more and more every track he releases. He is about the release his new album, “The Human Condition” on 6/10/16 (Which is you haven’t ordered yet, you should). Jon Bellion is one of my favorite producers and artists. He is so genuine and you can feel his passion through his songs which makes me a little emotional. This song was the first single off his new album to be released, here is a link to his Spotify page so you can listen to the other singles released. He gives hip hop a new level, one that I really appreciate.

4. Polarize by Twenty One Pilots

Is it really a surprise that I put twenty one pilots in my post? Considering the mass amount of popularity this past year, I find it appropriate to post one of my favorite tracks off “Blurryface” since “Ride” and “Stressed Out” have killed the charts. This song brings hype and emotion to the table, but what twenty one pilots album doesn’t bring that? If you want to check out Blurryface before all the songs get overplayed on the radio, here’s the link! (PS there is a vinyl company called VYNL, I subscribe to them and they have a vibe called twenty one pilots so if you sign up today and pick that vibe you will get blurryface on vinyl in your first shipping guaranteed!!! you can check them out and see the plans here!)

5. Raging by Kygo ft. Kodaline

This song is pretty popular, but I think with the balance of the songs I’ve been recommending it’s a pretty good song to add because it has that electronic hype but it’s more mellow than lets say “Stay The Night” by Zedd and Hayley Williams or “Blame” by Calvin Harris, although those artists are successful and those songs are huge hits, this song brings excitement but less EDM and I really appreciate it.

6. July Bones by Richard Walters

For those indie folk lovers, here’s a slower and acoustic beautiful melody made by Richard Walters. I remember coming across this song and falling in love. Reminds of Bon Iver or The Paper Kites. Maybe not a party popping song, but it’s nice for a coffee shop vibe, a rainy day, or a long drive surrounded by a woodsy scenery.

7. Take It Back by Liza Anne

I never heard of Liza Anne until this song, and at first I was like “ooo” some kind of rocky vibe with a Birdy or London Grammar voice, very delightful and soft and then the chorus bumps in and you find yourself dancing to the little jibe it offers.


Still want more songs? Well here is a spotify playlist will all these songs and more! Hope you enjoyed at least one of the songs provided. Also, if you have any recommendations for me to write about or check out, let me know! I want to encourage you to show me new genres or artists so I can reach out to more people and branch out my music taste.


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