Why Jon Bellion Is The Perfect Support For Twenty One Pilots

It is no new news that twenty one pilots are the hottest duo this year, as a fellow fan, their success has escalated and I couldn’t be anymore proud of them.

This January they start back up another tour and Jon Bellion is opening up for them. Now, Jon Bellion is currently in the top 20 pop albums right now for his album, “The Human Condition”, he’s a rising music artist and his top hit, “All Time Low” is crushing it on the radio charts.

Most of you already know Bellion and twenty one pilots, and most of you are stoked for this tour. Most of the dates have been sold out for months now, but if I were you, I’d still keep an eye out for anyone selling their tickets because this tour is going to be fucking sick.

I think this tour is incredibly special, not just because of the insane talent, but because these two musicians share a lot more than talent and success, they share the same values. Yes, I am talking about God. As a Christian, I find so much more respect for them and their lyrics mean so much more.

Tyler and Josh may not stop a show and give a shoutout to God, but one of my favorite parts of a Jon Bellion show is when Bellion takes the time to raise a hand of praise and glorify God for his success and to pray for a better world, to end racism, sexism, and homophobia. Whether you believe in a higher being, we are all brothers and sisters and Christ and whether you’re gay, of color, believer or not, we should love and respect each other. That is a message that is extremely important for everyone to hear. It brings a crowd closer and he uses his platform to bring justice to our world.

Bellion is one respectful and genuine artist. When you see his reaction to when the crowd keeps screaming and cheering after a song or even before he introduces himself on stage, he get’s overwhelmed with love and support. I can go on and on about how much I adore Bellion, but I think Bellion was the perfect support for twenty one pilots upcoming tour, as both rising artists and such genuine personalities, this is a solid match up.

I’m really excited for Bellion to perform and reach a bigger audience. He encourages the crowd to stick true to who they are and to never give up. Doesn’t that sound familiar? *cough cough, STAY ALIVE, cough cough*

Also, before you go to the twenty one pilot/Bellion tour, be sure to look up Bellion’s song “Jim Morrison” and get ready to rock the fuck out!



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