Brand New Series: Up + Beyond | 1.28 – 2.3

It has been awhile since I’ve been active on this account. I have been caught up in the wonders of life and my motivation and passion for this blog had simmered.

However, a spark has been reignited and I’m ready to do my own discover weekly. I am obsessed with creating new playlists on Spotify and get excited when my Discover Weekly gets renewed each week. My brand name is still “Ohmissbeliever”, but my weekly playlists will have their own theme. If you already follow my spotify account, you’ll be able to access my previous and current playlists easily.

This week’s heme is titled “Up + Beyond”. It’s mixed with electronic, indie, hiphop, and chill vibes. These songs are some of my favorites right now. You’ll recognized artists like Louis the Child, Odesza, and Neighbourhood’s  Jesse Rutherford. Some songs are older, and many are new.

Take a listen below or click on this link and tell me your thoughts! I want the feedback so I can curate to my followers.


If you have any suggestions for future playlists, comment below! I plan to post a new playlist every Sunday. I hope you enjoy this series!!

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash


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